founderSri Chundi Ranganayakulu (Late)
Founder, president & Correspondent

Sri Chundi Ranganayakulu was a well known Philanthropist and lover of education. He was the founder president of the committees of C.R.College, C.R.Polytechnic and Sri Chundi Ranganayakulu Engineering College. For the last few decades, he has been extending a helping hand to the educational institutions as a gesture of his affection for the public.

It was 04-07-2005 a black day. It was bolt from the blue – the sad and sudden demise of Sri Chundi Ranganayakulu, the “SARADHI” of the college, the “SACHIVUDU” of the staff and the students, playing efficient role in administering the institution, encouraging the staff to achieve excellence and putting a kind word to the students to work hard and secure ranks.